Jake McKinley, Head Baseball Coach, Menlo College

Karla, I want to first start by saying thank you for all of your help with Bo. The event was amazing. …I want you to know that I have heard a lot of keynote speakers in my coaching career and this was the sixth dinner I have put on. Bo Porter is the best keynote speaker I have ever heard. He has such a dynamic approach to connecting with our kids and his message made an impact on so many. What a humble person he is, and I am honored to say that he spoke at our dinner. It really […]

Sandra Ottinger Manager, Sales Development and Education, Invesco

Dear Bo: Thank you again for speaking to our senior sales leadership team last week. All the comments I have received have been extremely positive. Your remarks were right on target for the audience and well appreciated. Not only were they insightful, but your suggestions for incorporating your “Traits of a Leader” were very practical as well. The group also appreciated the opportunities they had just to visit and speak with you one-on-one. Thank you for helping make last week an impactful one for our sales team. I’ve asked Marian to keep me in the loop when your book on […]

Mark J. Russ, President & CEO, National Specialty Alloys, Inc.

Re: Keynote Speaker at NSA’s Annual Sales Banquet Dear Bo, You were a tremendous hit with my 40 + sales personnel last week at our annual sales banquet where we reflect on our past year and recognize our top sales performers. Having you as our keynote speaker really made the evening extra special. My employees instantly related to your common sense approach and story telling. They also found your message regarding “The Make-up of Champion” compelling and inspirational. Your message was universal whether it is for sports, work or life. Your story of growing up in a tough neighborhood with […]

Laurie Nicolai, President, IMG Benefits Group LLC

Re: IMG Quarterly Meeting Dear Mr. Porter, I wanted to extend my deep felt appreciation for the wonderful speaking engagement you provided IMG during our quarterly meeting. Your ability to promote self reliance, self responsibility along with ideas on how to motivate yourself during difficult times was inspiring. I know our sales advisors took away many life changing skills that will help them advance in their careers and life in general. Your unique ability to weave sports related stories into your presentation is an added plus. I know without a doubt other organizations will receive the same benefit of allowing […]